Terms of Use

Some of the images on this website are neither owned nor created by club USCA, and only copyright-permitted image use was employed on this website, to the best of our ability and knowledge. If you want to use one of these images, please go to the original site where we found them (which is usually linked), instead of getting them from here, as that will tend to have much more detailed information and instructions for how to use it.

Other images or artworks were created by members of our club or submitted by readers who do not want their images to be reposted. They will be captioned "not repostable." Please, do not repost or redistribute images created by members of our club or readers, even if you cite us. Images or art created by members of our club or submitted by readers will be captioned as such. If the image is captioned "repostable," you are free to repost the work, even without credit.

Some readers who submit art to the website allow for it to be redistributed, but only if equal credit is given to what was put on this website. For example, if a reader submits a drawing captioned with "repostable with credit," and labeled with their name and the title of the artwork, anyone reposting that art should also label it with the title and name of the artist.