How Can You Help?

See How You Can Make a Difference

OceanHero Project

OceanHero, is a project that strives to help with Inequality in poor areas where waste collecting systems are not available, along with Ocean pollution. They do this by giving money, school tuition, and sanitation to the people in these areas that bring in plastic waste. This not only allows for a cleaner environment, but also supports people living in poverty making less than $1 per day. [1]

Help support OceanHero by visiting their website and adding OceanHero to your browser: with every 5 searches you make, they can pay 1 person for 1 plastic bottle. Visit their website:

Learn more about environmental inequality on our page: Environmental Inequality


Reducing YOUR Carbon Footprint

This link leads to a list of small things anyone can do to reduce their carbon footprint, from planting greenery to turning off the AC when you can open a window. By continuously upholding pro-climate habits, a large amount of energy is saved in the long run, and much less carbon is emitted into the atmosphere to generate it. Find out more by visiting this website:

Further, find out the expanse of your Carbon Footprint and see the areas you can improve in your daily life by clicking the link below:

Spread the Word

Marches and Assemblies get the word out. People who see others standing up for a cause are more likely to look it up, educate themselves, and join the cause.

Anyone can spread the word: Greta Thunberg, a teen, has started a worldwide movement and school strike while also pushing for new legislations and making a big difference. Learn more about how you can spread the word here:

During the Covid 19 Pandemic we do not advise to start marches or any public manifestation for the safety of people. Instead, spread the word online, show others this website, and stay safe.

Recycle Your Cellphone!

Cellphones use a resource called Coltan in their creation. This resource can only be found in the endangered gorilla habitat in Africa [1]. Reducing the demand of this ore through recycling will immensely help with the conservation of the species and their habitat. Find how you can recycle your cellphone here:


Donate to help remove CO2 from the air

Climeworks is working to remove Carbon Dioxide from the air and therefore help slow the Greenhouse effect. Help their work by donating: