FAQ & Submit Questions


How can I contact Mrs Wehril? We cannot find her name on the contacts for teachers?

You can contact Ms. Wehrli at nwehrli@sandi.net

As the school year just started, our club may need a couple of weeks to start up. Keep your eyes open for any announcement on this website or the MMS one.

How can I join Club USCA?

Club USCA is a club within Muirlands Middle School. This means only students of the school can join (exceptions can be made over the summer). If you are a student at Muirlands Middle School you can contact Ms. Wehrli for the zoom information and to join our Google Classroom. You can also access the club's main website here for more information about our meetings during the school year and over the summer: https://bit.ly/ClimateActionClub

How can I help and where can I help?

It is very important to always look for new ways to help with Climate Action and Awareness. You can donate to foundations, sign petitions, or go to local events.

We have many great examples in our How Can You Help Page.

Additionally, here is another website that may help: The National Wildlife Federation