Whenever the topic of climate change comes up, it is surrounded by doubt and minimization, and that simply does not do justice to the action that needs to be taken. Art is a great form of expression, and can often move a greater number of people than statistics. On this page, we will publish art that anyone submits through the google form. We will be providing a monthly prompt for inspiration. We also have an option to post your art on the bulletin! This is your way to express yourself and your ideas on Climate Change and the Human influence on Earth, through a medium of your choice: drawing, writing, poetry, and more.

Submit art using the google form to the left. We do have some ground rules as to what can be submitted, so submissions will be reviewed before being published. Your submission must be...

  1. Related to climate or the earth

  2. School-appropriate

  3. Free of anything considered harassment or bullying

  4. Free of misinformation

  5. Personally Made (Not Plagiarized)

If your art is a short text or written quote, (that you wrote!) you can simply type it into the google form. However, if it is long, we would recommend pasting it into a google document and linking to the document. To submit images or videos, save them to your google drive and paste the shared link into the form. To submit a podcast or audio recording, just submit a video with a black background. To submit a pdf, paste in the link of the pdf. Of course, for any google slideshow, google doc, google draw, etc. you can simply set link sharing to "anyone with the link can view" and paste in the shareable link. We take artist attribution seriously, so in the google form you can let us know how you want to be credited (or if you want to remain anonymous). If your art is an image or a very short phrase, we can put it on the bulletin if you so choose. However, we cannot post videos, long-form text, ect. on the bulletin due to time constraints. Finally, please keep in mind that this website is public. Your voice will be heard!

Change: March 2021

By Audrey Lin

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Growth: February 2021

"For The Future"

By Emma Weibel

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"Let's Grow & Become Better"

By Caterina Giaretta

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"Grow To Be Beautiful"

By Shayla Kashani

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Green: January 2021

Whenever we try to help the environment we are told to think about the affects on the economy. Yet, when they try to help the economy they do not think about the affects on the environment.

"The Green Balance"

By Emma W

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"You Say Green"

By Sarah Lehman

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You say “green,” and I’ll shake my head

Because really, I’ll just ask you

What is it you mean when you say green?

Is it the green of sylvan hilltops,

A fragrant verdance

Hanging over the blessed day?

Or the slick, congealed color

Of mold, turning on

The writhing waste for which we’ve paid?

Is it the emerald shimmer

Of a bejeweled snake

Circled by lush and towering trees?

Or the muddy opaque

Of tainted water

Lapping with the pungent breeze?

It had better be the former choice,

For with the last we’ve much to lose.

Though it ought to be clear to all:

We have the wond’rous power to choose.

By Seamus Ryan


By Aiden Hogan


That's why we

Celebrate this day.

That's why across

The world we say:

As long as life,

As dear, as free,
I am the Earth

And the Earth is me.

By Liam Roberts

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Action: December 2020

"Climate Change is Real"

By Audrey Lin

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"It's Getting Hot"

By Frank Oldfield



By Emma W

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We’re Always Falling

By Sarah Lehman

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You know, I think it’s strange

That we’ll never change

Just wait, wait, falling.

‘Cause we’re a sinking ship

With a slipping grip

Just wait, wait, darling.

You know, I think it’s strange

That we’ll always arrange

To just take, take, falling.

‘Cause ‘twill be too late

If we continue to wait

And just take, take, darling.

You know, I think it’s strange

That we’re so deranged

We’re blind, blind, falling.

‘Cause we can see, you and I

But we’ll close our eyes

Just blind, blind, darling.

You know, I think it’s strange

That in our daily exchange

We’ll forget, forget, falling.

‘Cause it’s easy to turn

And so hard to learn

Just forget, forget, darling.

Don’t you think it’s strange

We’ll dig our own graves

We’re waiting, taking

Forgetting and blinded.

I’m no high Longfellow

With morals so mellow.

I’ve just gotten to thinking

Though our ship is a-sinking

Isn’t it odd we can’t be reminded?

Oh, don’t you know, darling,

We’re always falling.

"The Climate is Changing. Why Aren't We?"

By Audrey Lin

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By Avery Edstorm


We need to help our animals and species from extinction.


By Andrew Lee

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"Save The Animals"

By Anonymous

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"Happy Trees"

By Leah Wylie



By Emma W

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At the land you destroy.


What you do for money.


The nature you suppress.


Your greed draining the beauty of our Earth.

It is up to us to save the future.

Yet, you refuse to look.

"Wake Up and Change"

By Emma W

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Try to save OUR mother . . .

"The World"

By Ruhee Banthia

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"Protect It"

By Rich Gonzalez

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"Climate Dangers To Our Wild Life"

By Sierra

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Save our oceans before it is too late to change.

"Save Our Oceans"

By Milena Malk

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By Pearl Plaskonos


"Protect the Earth"

By Soila Chadwick

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By Cesar Chapa

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By Avery Edstrom


By Jaxon Perricone


By Eva Obler


Endangered: November 2020

Everything we hold dear is endangered due to Climate Change: life as we know it, the Earth's livelihood, and the survival of the human species.

"Everything is Endangered"

By Emma W

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"Grab My Hand"

By Sarah Lehman

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Grab my handBefore I fallBefore there’s noneWhose left at all.Pull me backBefore I burnBefore so ICan soon return.
Grab my handDon’t jerk awayDon’t turn your backThen I can stay.Keep me tightAnd I’ll hold onOr else I’ll beForever gone.
Grab my handDon’t push me moreOr I’ll pass throughThat final door.Why do you laughAs I descendYou, who mightHave been my friend.
It’s too lateI’ve gone too farAs you stand thereSaying, Au revoir.But don’t you knowThat since I bledSoon enoughYou’ll all be dead.

"Marine Damage"

By Caterina Giaretta

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"Save Our Planet"

By Ej Kovacs-Morgan

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"There's No Planet B"

By Audrey Lin


"Climate Change Quote"

By Anabel Weinstein

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"Why Wait?"

By Sarah Beckman

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Why do we wait for someone else

Why not do it just ourselves

We wait and wait, harming the Earth

Draining our planet of beauty and mirth

We always think they don’t mean me

But if they don’t then who

Really, they don’t need others

They just need you

So write others, clean up, and above always, be kind

Then no one else will be left behind

And our Earth will be clean

And you’ll be happy

So why wait?

By Ivanna


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By Solaine Bardin

“ . . .I saw her, really saw her, not as one of the disappearing population but as a single, distinct individual—a daughter, a sister perhaps—who lived freely and died tragically. I imagined her in her final moments: the terrified trashing, the tangle of rope, holding her breath against the murky midnight water for countless frantic seconds until at last her burning lungs insisted on one final inhale. In my mind, her little frame cast out on that isolated beach transformed into the body of a young girl dumped by the side of the road outside a rural town. She’d been murdered. And everyone knew who’d done it” (Brooke Bessen, Vaquita, 4). We need to stop the black market criminals from driving the Totoaba and Vaquita to extinction.

"Our Endangered World"

By Sarah Beckman

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Our world is endangered

We are not doing enough

Just filling the Earth with unwanted stuff

Animals are endangered

And we just stand by

Watching as species go and die

Plants are endangered

We hack them down

And there are no frowns

Nature is endangered

We kill and pollute

Not even caring when our world becomes mute

We are endangered

We are in danger

By hurting our Earth

The Big Blue Earth

By Alejandro Juarez

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