Climate Awareness

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This website provides a platform for learning about different areas of climate change and our effect on the environment.

We know that the Earth is getting warmer, but do you know the overall effects of human activity on Earth and its ecosystems? Do you have any questions about Climate Change? You can find that all here!

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What we discuss:

  • The Environmental Inequality page discusses the unequal treatment of different people (specifically minorities and people in poverty) from an environmental stand point.

  • The Climate News page informs about different aspects of current Climate Change news. Check back to see current news regarding everything from cool videos to watch to current events to go to.

  • The Endangered Species section discusses the effects of human activities on species of this planet.

  • The Think Before You Throw page will help inform on the various different parts of trash disposal.

  • The How Can You Help section presents different ways you can make a difference to help stop Climate Change.

  • The Affect With Art page lets you express your voice and bring awareness to Climate Change by submitting art to be posted on this website or the Muirlands Bulletin.

  • On the FAQ and Submit Questions you can submit any questions to be reviewed and answered by our team. Answered questions are posted on the FAQ column.